Variety of Amateur Dramas

The Bear, The Duck And The Oyster

- Written and directed by Josephine Pryde -

Trav S.D. as The Painter
Jason Schuler as The Interviewer
Andrea Fraser as The Student
Liz Bougatsos & Glyniss McDaris as The Chorus

performed on Friday Sept 15, 8:30pm at AFA


The Inheritage

A video by Josef Strau after a story from Clemens Podewils
with Thomas Helbig, Josef Strau and Amelie Wulffen (+ piano playing)

Premiere Friday Sept 15, 7:30pm at AFA


Improvisations on the Bassoon

- A candlelit soirée with Werner von Delmont -

Presented by Stephan Dillemuth
with Patterson Beckwith in the role of Hans-Dieter Delmont

Saurday Sept 9, 8:44pm at One Chase Manhattan Plaza
and Friday Sept 22, 7pm at AFA


Jolly Jolt

written and performed by Jutta Koether

Friday Sept 22, 7pm at AFA


Eve of the Seance

performed by Geoffrey Garrison and Mathew Thurber

Thursday Sept 21, 6pm at AFA


Escaping The Object Of Art

A specular Feat by Geoffrey Garrison
- Amateur Prestidigitator and De-Mystifier -

Friday Sept 22, 7pm at AFA


Contracts by
Robert Projansky and Seth Siegelaub

Intro by Nils Norman
Music by Conrad Brock Enright

Saturday Sept 16, 7:30pm at AFA



A workshop production with Patterson Beckwith
for the "Good Luck Gallion" show by Rosalie Knox
Wednesday Oct 4, 11:30pm Channel 67 MNN

Karen Hallock as 'Prince Felix'
Anna Gudmundsdottir as 'Cinderella'
Geoffrey Garrison as 'Baron Pompolino'
Patterson Beckwith as 'The Fairy Queen'
Stephan Dillemuth & Matthew Thurber as 'The Ugly Sisters'

Tuesday Sept 19, 7pm at AFA



- A One-Woman, Tour-De-Force Musical Event -
Written and performed by Saint Reverend Jen

Sunday, Sept. 10, 2:30pm at 1634 Broadway at 50th Street


Mary Sellman

- World-Renowned Docent, To Give Tour Of Chelsea! -
Written and performed by Saint Reverend Jen

Saturday Sept 16, 4pm at 15st and 9th Av