Escaping The Object Of Art

A specular Feat by Geoffrey Garrison
Amateur Prestidigitator and DeMystifier


The Ballad of Harry Houdini
I shake off the cobwebs of time
Discard my tombstone and manifest in ectoplasmic slime.
In life I had two names
The first I renounced for show biz, not for shame.
The second, an alliteration,
Adapted for the purpose of prestidigitation.


No one alive could escape shackles, chains or hand cuff
Like I did performing in the buff.
It is true it was magic,
But some thought it mystic.
There were even those who cried ‘masochistic!’
I tell you honestly, no spirits were needed,
And the laws of nature were strictly heeded


For show biz it was,
And show biz this is.
No spirits tonight will emerge from the ether,
And no devils, succubi, cherubim neither.