Jutta Koether
J o l l y  J o l t




One-person micro-drama, treating the deadlock with an instrument, a black rubber hammer and a patched up, outside type monologue, made out of words and music; a charachter out of character, an artist in search of a social situation, while being confronted with mental blackout, cold failure, bad instincts....yet ready to forge some rhytms of vision.

"a subject is the local occurance of a process of truth"

It is a live-show to accelerate that " local occurance of..." by physical presence, semi-improvised words and action, a live "outside art", "outside" as in "outside music" (as in Sun Ra, Theatre Of Eternal Music, Morton Feldman, Sonic Youth, Salvatore K ....etc.).

The artist has taken directions from S. Zizek , K.Lagerfeld, K.Kinski, A.Badiou and G.I. Gurdjieff...

"What the proper historical stance (as opposed to historicism) "relativizes" is not the past, but paradoxically the present itself - our present can be conceived not only as the outcome of what actually happened in the past, but also of the crushed potentials for the future that were contained in the past. We have to conceive of ourselves as the materialization of the ghost of past generations, AS THE STAGE in which these past generations retroactively resolve their deadlocks"...but " we (in this present).... in sex as well in politics take refuge in catastrophic scenarios in order to avoid the actual deadlock".


The ingredients for this refuge/scenario/catastrophe are:

- artistsī behaviour as a strong and inaccessible yet driving substance material itself
- slogans: magnetization-competition-example: it was me who did it, not you! itīs a jolly jolt!
- the pychic economy (that does us in)
- artist work as mental event
- artists as self-alienating spirit, doing deranged drills for a vanishing anti-market behaviour
- hammer, the artists tool
- music and words, used in happy happening knockout moments as well as in dark, frail ways
- feeling a necessity for practicing a temporary brutal formalism.
-the disruptive and anti-synhthetic aspects of imagination
-the abyss of freedom, analytical aggression, and the "dimension of universality as the true opposite of capitalist globalism"!


"...knowing "the universally accepted point of reference is missing, we are thrown into a process of radically open and unending symbolic re)negotiation and (re)invention" . But then here is a site, that provides us symbolically with the ground on which we thrive, the all is already-always-there-stuff.

And there you find the artist as both stumbler and accelerator! (Hail Royal Trux!) And out of that emerges "a subject is..." . The rest is instinct rising fom the soul, from the shock of the moment!