performance Workshop

07.04.16 - 09.04.16

When I woke up, my finger nails were cut



Three day performance at Circuits & Currents.

An improvised happening repeating for three days but different each one. A workshop based on the idea and structure of the happening.

The bodies carry speech. The bodies carry movement. They carry music. We are the bodies. In this context we will read, dance and play.
This happening takes place in continuous sets of improvisations. Like a puppet composed of smaller parts to form a greater whole, every small part is subjected to a single thread , but each thread ends up at the hand of the same puppeteer. The intention -if there ever was one- is to let ourselves freely associate with thoughts and instincts, to be drifted away to a symphony through a game of extension contradictions .

A workshop will take place on the 8th of April at 17:00 until 20:00. The purpose of this workshop is to familiarize the participants with the idea of improvisation. We will improvise on practices like text collaging and creation, choreography and movement, but also on the use of visual and sound media. With the interaction of the mentioned fields we will create a common ground. The participants will be asked to contribute on the show of the same day at 21:00. whoever is interested should bring the following:

2-3 favourite poem collections/books (with favourite parts marked out), Favourite items or every day use ones, 2-3 favourite soundscapes or music tracks and 2 scenes from favourite movies.

for participation in the workshop, please send an e-mail to:

Dimitra Aggelou was born in Athens, in 1984. She studied biology. She has published two poetry collections, “Στάζουν Μεσάνυχτα”, Melani eds., “Χέρια Παλίρροιας”, Gavrielides eds.
She has worked as an actress in short films and performances.

George Euthimiou was born in 1988. He studied at the Athens University of Economics and Business. Currently, he is involved with cinema and theater. As a director, he made 5 short films, while he has worked as a monteur and assistant director in other films. He has also participated in performances and theatrical productions as a director, actor, assistant director as well as video artist.

Kostas Tsioukas was born in Athens, in 1979. He studied computer science and also dance at the Greek National School of Dance. He has choreographed and participated in many dance and theatrical productions in Greece and abroad. In 2013, he won the Danceweb Scolarship and was able to present his choreograph at the Vienna dance festival, in 2014. He is a dance teacher at the Duncan Dance Research Center.

Mairi Tsoni graduated from the Faculty of Theatre Studies in Athens, the seminary of the Greek National Dance School and the Musical Theater Dance Attic of London. She has participated in plays of M. Marmarinos and K. Tsioukas, as well as in the movies “Dogtooth” by Yorgos Lanthimos, “Evil” and “Evil: In the Time of Heroes” by Yorgos Noussias. She works with Leon Sega in the music project Joalz and she was also member of the band “Mary and the boy”.


Events: 21.00 on 7, 8, 9 April at Circuits & Currents
Workshop: 17.00-20.00 on 8 April
*The event of the 8th of April will be held in cooperation with the workshop participants