16.05.16 - 25.05.16

What is the other


Opening: Monday 16 May, 19:00
Opening hours: daily (except Sunday) 14.00 - 20.00

What is the other is the outcome of a collaboration among eight artists having worked together in Athens under the framework of a Cypriot bi-communal initiative for a period of ten days. The resulting exhibition has been articulated in-situ through a workshop with Blitz theatre group, the participation of students of the Athens School of Fine Arts, and the contribution of Cypriot actor Oya Akin. The narrative and performative workings realised by the artists and the curator, were structured through devised theatre techniques and terms. Narrativity, negotiation of space, rhythm, stage presence, have been explored during this collaborative work, ultimately affecting the arrangement of the exhibition. 


The concept of difference and the construction of meaning through the consecutive succession of distinction, operate as the theoretical reference for the exhibition and define a liminal topological field; an enfolded space scattered with materials and intentions. The object of dramaturgy functions here as a constitutional act by stitching the narrative and orchestrating the spatiotemporal protocol of materials and meanings, setting the parameters for the emergence of the scene of the exhibition as a scene of exposure.



Ada Avetist, Elif Erkan, Lito Kattou, Fatma Nur Özoğul, Petros Moris, Eftychios Savvidis, Marianne Spurr, Sila Tufekcioglu

Curated by Evangelia Ledaki

Confrontation through art programme

With the support of the Careers Office of the Athens School of Fine Arts

Organisers: EMAA and Rooftop theatre group

Project co-ordinators: Özgül Ezgin and Argyro Toumazou

Coordinator – production manager (Athens): Angelos Angeli


The residency programme and workshop/exhibition are implemented in the framework of the EU funded programme, Confrontation through art: Art as an instrument for reconciliation in Cyprus, 2014-2017.