Waste will tear us apart: modalities of the abject



This workshop is open to the public. In order to participate please send an email labeled “Waste will tear us apart” to until Friday 27-3-15.

This workshop is part of the three reading workshops that will be organised in contextual dialogue with the “Pom pom expedition” exhibition by the curators and the artist.


The workshop addresses a rethinking of waste produced by contemporary culture. Historical and cross-cultural labelings regarding waste –principally converging at the concept of defilement– will be discussed among contemporary significations, while practices emerging by the management of waste per se will be equally considered. In the current post-democratic condition waste is an object of contention, division, and a place for radical dislocation; garbage is wealth and garbage collection is a major economic enterprise. Litter is probably the quintessence of the contemporary world; the most grandiose of all monuments, acting as quilting element and rendering an inevitable future archeology.
In order to summarise and as a return to the system of contemporary art, the symbolic dimension of the work of art will be traced as determined through this mesh of significancies.




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Evangelia Ledaki was born in 1980 in Athens, where she lives and works. She is an independent curator and art critic. She has studied anthropology (MRes, Goldsmiths College, University of London and Panteion University), curating (MA, University of Essex) and art history (University of Crete). She contributes articles and reviews to Avgi newspaper, while poems and other texts of hers have been published in catalogues and magazines. She is interested in the study of contemporary art through the comparative approach of anthropology and psychoanalysis. She is founder of the curatorial project Radical Reading.

RR [RADICAL READING] is an Athens-based curatorial endeavour, which deals with contemporary artistic production, the presentation and contextualisation of solo projects, as well as the theoretical and literary complex of the heterogeneous aspects that infiltrate and rearrange the fields of the sensible and the performative. RR was founded in 2014 by Evangelia Ledaki and Petros Moris.


Supported by the DAAD Programme: Partnerships with Greek Institutions of Higher Education 2014 – 2016 / A Cooperation between the Academy of Fine Art Munich (ADBK) and the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA)