Everything in the world exists only to end up in a book



Το create a beautiful book requires knowledge, dedication and sincere self sacrifice. Since the early 20th century, especially after the 60s, artists’ books are no longer reflecting realities but become realities-complete artworks. Artists erase the conventional boundaries between the arts and use typography and book pages as their creative tool. What was the process of the Graphic Design -Typography and Book Arts Studio of the Athens School of Fine Arts over the years?


Leoni Vidali (born in Athens) studied Printmaking and Typography and Book Arts at the Athens School of Fine Arts and Printmaking-Multimedia at the Royal College of Art, London. From 1984-1998 she has been teaching Lithography at the Athens School of Fine Arts and in 2000 became head of the Graphic Design – Typography and Book Arts Studio and the ASFA University Press.

She has exhibited widely internationally and illustrated and edited many art books and exhibition catalogues.

In 2013 she was awarded the Honorary EBGE (Greek Design and Illustration awards) and in 2014 she was granted the title of Professor emerita of the Athens School of Fine Arts.