12.06.16 - 08.07.16



Τhe installation consists of selected photos from the artist’s research about advertising in public space. Familiar images create questions about the essence of the showcase in times that creating fake consumption needs and role-models, has led to today’s economic crisis.

The photographic angle and the posture of the doll create an intense dramaturgy, giving life to the object. The “gaze” of this “human existence” is blasé; it is not focusing anywhere in particular. The doll embodies the feelings of alienation, created from the information overload, the over-consumption and the over-accumulation of images that possesses the spectator.

Prodromos Charalampidis is currently on the 2nd year of his studies in the A.S.F.A. and an alumni of the Department of Economics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Supported by the DAAD Programme: Partnerships with Greek Institutions of Higher Education 2014 – 2016 / A Cooperation between the Academy of Fine Art Munich (ADBK) and the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA)