02.06.16 - 15.06.16



Since the first time I saw this cranium into the woods, I wanted to complement the parts that were either worn down or decomposed. During the restoration of the missing horns, I constantly tried to harmonize human intervention and the still life component characterizing the skull. Metal and glass were chosen because their elemental toughness creates a connection with the spongy texture of the surface of the skull. Given the relations created between the materials, electricity resurrects the dead cranium, producing the light that the spectator sees. From a dead organism, the cranium transforms into a work of art.

Lazaros Filippos Papadopoulos was born in 1995 in Drama and grew up in Athens. In 2002, he started preparatory classed for the introductory exams of the Athens School of Fine Arts with Konstantinos Daldakis. In 2013 he entered the A.S.F.A. where he studied for one year in Giorgos Harvalias’s studio and continues his studies, being in the 3rd year, in Giorgos Lappas’s studio.