The Stars Down To Earth



The Stars Down To Earth draws on various sources from Hollywood thriller to Susan Miller to Chelsea Manning’s letters. The film features a reincarnation of mythological Apollo and Cassandra wandering the disparate cities of Inglewood and Hollywood within Los Angeles County. Cassandra’s fatalism is heightened by astrologers’ predictions for the state of current and actual events of 2015/2016. The work’s title refers to a 1952/3 essay by philosopher Theodor Adorno, which criticizes the irrationality of mass culture via examining the astrology column of Carroll Righter, whose students also act in the film. Henry Hopper as Cassandra, Afia Fields as Apollo and Paola Revenioti as a Pythia. (2016, 23 min)


Margaret Haines is an artist based in Los Angeles, currently an artist in residence at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam.