The Poetics of Softness



This workshop is open to the public. In order to participate please send an email labeled “The Poetics of Softness” to until Friday 20-3-15.

This workshop is part of the three reading workshops that will be organised in contextual dialogue with the “Pom pom expedition” exhibition by the curators and the artist.

Taking its title from Max Kozloff’s article, the seminar will focus on the idea of softness as this emerged in American 60s sculpture questioning the then predominant angular, rigid forms of Minimalism. Selected texts, exhibitions and sci-fi films will be used to generate a presentation with discussion approaching softness as a pliable conceptual device allowing for process, parody, anthropomorphism and somnolence. Tracing the legacy of softness in today’s post-relational practice where the soft and angular have reconciled will be addressed as an evaluative aspect to the discussion.



Kozloff, Max (1967) “The Poetics of Softness”. American Sculpture of the Sixties edited by Maurice Tuchman, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Morris, Robert (1968) “Anti-Form”. Artforum, Vol.6, No.8, April 1968, p.34
Applin, Jo (2012) “Poetics of Softness in Gross Anthropomorphism: Claes Oldenburg”. Eccentric Objects; Rethinking Sculpture in 1960s America, Yale University Press, p.52-59

Excerpts from films:

The Blob (1958) Irvin Yeaworth
The Stuff (1985) Larry Cohen



Maria Georgoula obtained a BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College, University of London and a MFA in Fine Art from the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London. Since 2012, she is teaching Artist-in-Residence at Repton School in Derbyshire, UK. Her work is comprised of mixed media sculptures, sculptural assemblages and environments. Part of her extended practice is also the Nauru Project, an online collaborative project on the story of the smallest island-nation in the world. Prior to a solo exhibition of her sculptural works in New Court Gallery, Derbyshire in 2013, she had a solo exhibition at Frown Tails, Athens in 2011 as part of ReMap 3; a multi-media installation and two-person performance on ‘The Nauru Project’. In 2012, Georgoula curated ‘The Islets of Langerhans’ a group exhibition on food and table display in the Organization of Greek Archaeologists in Athens. Other selected exhibitions and events include the Delfina Foundation, London; the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre; the Art Foundation, Athens; the Institute of Greek Contemporary Art, Athens; Athens; Sanhe Museum, China; Guest Projects, London; The Service Point Building, Manchester; Sala Rekalde, Bilbao and Tactile Bosch, Cardiff.

Supported by the DAAD Programme: Partnerships with Greek Institutions of Higher Education 2014 – 2016 / A Cooperation between the Academy of Fine Art Munich (ADBK) and the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA)