Sound / Trace



This talk will take place at:

Athens School of Fine Art
8th Painting Masterclass
Peiraios 256
Ag. I. Rentis

While traces of the written text and image date back thousands of years in human history, traces of recorded sound are very recent and mostly concentrated in the last two centuries. In this lecture we will attempt a flashback to the means of sound recording and playback along with their image. From the music box to digital recording, the sound is recorded by different methods and in different materials depending on the technological and economic developments of the time. What is their current form? What is the social and economic dimension of the recordings? What is their relationship with art?

Finally, through concrete examples we will elicit responses and concerns regarding the role of recordings both as autonomous works of art and in combination with the visual and performing arts.



Nektarios Pappas is a student at ASKT. He has worked at discography and music industry for several years (vinyl microstore, pop art records, vm radio, yuria festival). He is also a graduate of the Sociology School of Panteio University.

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