“Soleil politique”: book launch



Soleil politique, a book conceived by Pierre Bal-Blanc in dialogue with Vier5 and Paraguay, follows the exhibition by the same name that opened at Museion in Bolzano, Italy, in September 2014 – curated by Pierre Bal-Blanc (former director of CAC Brétigny, and now part of the curatorial team for documenta14).


Having been offered to use the rooms of the museum’s fourth floor for his exhibition, Pierre Bal-Blanc instead installed the artworks in the foyer, info lounge, bookshop, project space and “Passage” area, and moved the communal spaces upstairs. The subversion of the hierarchy of the exhibition space served as the framework for an exhibition that posed incisive questions concerning the role of the museums and the use of their authority in shaping cultural discourse. 

Inspired by the compositions of Cornelius Cardew “that allow the performers to freely follow their own musical direction guided by clusters of notes arranged on a grid”, Bal-Blanc developed an exhibition score leaving “free and open all groupings, tempos and reading order of the works, in order to highlight the intimate connection between immanence and the unconscious.”

This catalogue maps the process that lead to the exhibition “Soleil politique” as well as some of its afterthoughts and consequences.

The publication Soleil politique is published by Paraguay Press and CAC Brétigny, in partership with Museion Bolzano and in cooperation with Piano, Prepared Platform for contemporary art, France–Italy 2014-2015, initiated by d.c.a/ French association for the development of centres d’art.

Paraguay (formally known as Paraguay Press) is an independent structure that aims at expanding the meanings and praxis of publishing in contemporary arts and politics.

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