20.11.15 - 21.11.15

Robin Hood


13:00 - 19:00

The workshop will be in English

coordination: Ilias Marmaras, Anna Laskari


We are now looking for interesting projects to fund.

We established our own hedge fund in 2012. Robin Hood Asset Management Cooperative started by operating an algorithm – we called it the Parasite – that copies the consensus moves of the most successful big investors on Wall Street, offering the benefits of those moves to everybody, whoever they are, and however little money they have. Basically, we had created a way to share the most important means of production the financial elite had in their use – their knowledge, their relations, their networks, their positions – and to organize around it in a way that something new is born. We call it minor asset management. Members decide which part of the profits they share into a common pool from which we then invest in radical projects selected by our community.
The cooperative has at the moment about 800 members and is managing assets growing towards $1 million.  The parasite works this money to create money for members and for community projects even now. This far we have made about $150K profit to our members and to our projects.
Maybe most importantly we have understood that we have the power and imagination to reengineer finance. To make it a place of creation. But we have also understood that there is a necessity for the invention of more means of financial creation. And that what we have so far done, is just a beginning in the inventing of new social architecture of finance.
What if capital was a P2P relationship? What if you and I commanded the forces and relations of finance?

Friday 20.11.15 at 13:00-19:00

On Friday 20.11.15 we have a small workshop on Financial Technologies and the Political Economy of the Common, which has two aims: 1. To explicate how do the financial technologies work and what are their political consequences. How are assets accumulated in financial economy by using the common – our collective capacity to pay taxes, take on austerity and get more indebted – as collateral? 2. To approach finance as a place of creation, as a technology enabling us to do things, to create and act together on possibilities which would otherwise not exist.
With Andrea Fumagalli, Carlo Vercellone and Robert Meister. Facilitated by Tiziana Terranova and Akseli Virtanen. See more detailed description below.

Saturday 21.11.15 at 13:00-18:00

On Saturday 21.11.15 we will run a testing/prototyping session of PeerHood: an analog simulation and demo of how this second generation P2P finance platform will work and play out in the hands of creative users, groups, networks, collectives and societies: how it can be used creatively to finance things people want to do, to collectively create into existence something that would otherwise not be possible, making one’s abilities, knowledge, networks liquid and opening continuously into new possibilities.
Facilitated by Tere Vaden and Pekko Koskinen.

Tiziana Terranova is Associate Professor sociology and cultural studies of digital media and the Internet at the University ‘L’Orientale’ in Naples, Italy. She is the author of several essays on the digital economy, the economy of attention, free labor and aesthetic production. She is a member of the free university collective Euronomade (, of the editorial board of the journals Theory Culture and Society, Studi Culturali, Dak Matter and Fiberculture. Since 2014 she sits on the board of Robin Hood Asset Management.

Akseli Virtanen is a theorist of new political economy and finance, born in Finland and currently based in Santa Cruz, California. He is working to create new instruments of finance with the Bruce Initiative on Rethinking Capitalism at UCSC and, with his team, to establish Robin Hood Hedge Fund in Silicon Valley.
Democratizing the Power of Finance. A Discussion about Robin Hood with Akseli Virtanen
Power at the End of the Economy. With Maurizio Lazzarato, Brian Massumi, Peter Pal Pelbart and Akseli Virtanen
From Arbitrary power to Morphogenesis. With Franco Berardi.
What Gives us Life? A discussion with Bracha Ettinger and Akseli Virtanen
Robin Hood of the Wall Street / Revue Maganize for the Next Society. Heft 16. Herbst 2014.
The Freeloaders. Robin Hood hammers the financial world with its own methods / Brand Eins – Wirtschaftsmagazin
Knowledge is Power, Sharing is Future / The Finnish Institute in Germany
Robin Hood is a Parasite / Institute For the Future, Palo Alto
21st Century Robin Hood Introduces Altruism into Investment Banking / Huffington Post
Robin Hood Hacks the Stock Exchange / Arena Magazinet

Tere Vadén (Finland) is a philosopher currently working with Robin Hood Cooperative (, an activist hedge fund that uses financial technologies to democratise finance, expand financial inclusion and generate new economic spaces.
He has studied and advocated free software for quite some time now, for instance co-authoring the book Wikiworld (Pluto Press, 2010). Tere is one of the initiators of (, a peer fund for anonymous research proposals, and a contributor to the research initiative Statistical Studies of Peer Production (, supported by the P2P Foundation.

Pekko Koskinen designs reality through the form of games, playing around with various forms of art and everyday life. His works have included fictional religions, social forms, conceptual tools and self-designs. Many of these have taken place within life at large, outside art institutions. Within the field of sanctified arts, his work has infiltrated several institutions offering modest artistic capita, such as Athens and Mercosul Biennials, Volksbühne and NY MoMA. In addition to working with Robin Hood Coop, he’s currently one of the research administrators of Reality Research Center, and a member of YKON: an advocacy group for utopian thought.

As a designer and design researcher Harri Homi works in the field of contemporary social design and politics of design. Work of his is best articulated as counter hegemonic social design or agonistic social design that is designerly production of the society which is driven by democracy that yields novel political means to be functional. This is also the field that he is working as a part of Robin Hood´s R&D team, where he applies rhetorics of design to tangibilize Robin Hood’s vision of distributing the political and economical power democratically.

Akseli Virtanen is an architect of new political finance, born in Finland and currently based in Santa Cruz, California. He is a co-founder of Robin Hood Asset Management Cooperative, an activist hedge fund, currently in the process of taking on a new more monstrous and distributed form as a financial platform of the future. Akseli’s most recent book is Arbitrary Power: A Contribution Towards a Critique of Biopolitical Economy (n-1 Edições, forthcoming 2015).

Supported by DAAD Programme: Partnerships with Greek Institutions of Higher Education 2014 – 2016 / A Cooperation between the Academy of Fine Art Munich (ADBK) and the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA)