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More at the Rudolph Tegner Museum http://www.rudolphtegner.dk/

Rudolph Tegner's Museum is a unique monument to a single artist - concieved and realized by himself as a synthesis of sculpture, architecture and nature.He lived and worked in Denmark and France.In his artistic production he strove toward a new monumental style.

In 1916 Tegner began to buy up land in the wild , uncultivated part of North Zealand known as Russia.The year after his initial purchase he mounted King Oedipus , the first of a number of sculptures to be spread throuhgout the park. 1937- 38 he had an enourmous concrete structure errected to house his many sculptures, models and paintings. The core of the museum is an 11 meter high octagonal chamber.The artist is buried in the center.

Some of Tegner's sculptures were a provocation to his contemporaries both on account of their scale and content.The museum shows diverse aspects of the artists production ranging form colossal decorative and symbolic statues to expressive figurines. On show are more than 200 pieces in plaster, clay , bronze and marble. Furniture from Tegner' home add to the impression of a visit to the artist's studio.