01.04.15 - 18.04.15

Pom pom expedition


Wednesday 1 April, 20.00

2 – 18 April
Thurs – Fri 17:00 – 21:00, Sat 12:00 – 17:00


Monday, 23 March 2015, 18:00
The Poetics of Softness
Maria Georgoula

Thursday, 2 April 2015, 18:00
Waste will tear us apart: Modalities of the abject
Evangelia Ledaki

Friday, 3 April 2015, 18:00
Non-stop: Performing labor
Petros Moris


Circuits and Currents have invited the curatorial collective Radical Reading to realise their next project Pom pom expedition at their project space in Exarcheia. Developing further a nomadic curatorial practice focused on the presentation and contextualisation of new work by emerging artists, Radical Reading will be presenting Maria Georgoula’s first solo show in Greece. The exhibition, which will be created in situ, is framed by three reading workshops open to students and the public, led by the artist and the curators of RR, Evangelia Ledaki and Petros Moris.

Understanding the project as a hybrid dialogue between audience and artist, reading and making, presentation and collective working, the workshops will act as a performative devising and stage for Georgoula’s work, while expanding to theoretical issues and interests that preoccupy the individual practices of the artist and the curators. Looking at the poetics of softness, cultural and political interpretations of notions of waste and the abject, as well as the performative aspect of post-fordist forms of labor, each reading will posit a different set of issues and will try to resume a concurrent and/or historical concept which has been operating as a referential point in contemporary thinking and art practice.

Pom pom expedition will explore qualities around the notion of softness anew. Through the material vocabulary of liquidity, elasticity and responsiveness, subjected to continuous process distortions and arrangements, the works point to a firm position of apathy; the very core of the concept of parody.


Banality becomes a vehicle of wisdom; an enlightening instruction for navigating the material world. Objects and substances are lethargically interchanged, their plasticity contributing to a fundamental evaluation; the legacy of pliable meaning and how this may be traced in today’s practice where the soft and angular have reached a consensus.
Maria Georgoula’s practice seems to arrive from an aroused periphery fabricated by a sensual type of banal. Materials such as plaster, meringue, hair-removal wax and DIY objects reinvent themselves into gestural but controlled concoctions of a theatrical disposition. Tassels and brown tape branch out of the subject matter as decorative elements in oddly lyrical, prop-like manner. Whilst studying the aesthetic codes embedded in common objects and exploring their potential as static but performative vehicles of an illogical nature, Georgoula attempts to map boundaries among private and common meaning. Eugene Ionesco’s absurdist plays and Raymond Roussel’s surrealist ethnography in Impressions of Africa, garden and leisure centers and historical artworks such as Marcel Duchamp’s Why Not Sneeze, Rose Sélavy? remain regular points of reference.


RR [RADICAL READING] is an Athens-based curatorial project which deals with contemporary artistic production, the presentation and contextualisation of solo projects, as well as with the theoretical and literary complex of the heterogeneous aspects that infiltrate and rearrange the fields of the sensible and the performative. RR was founded in 2014 by Evangelia Ledaki and Petros Moris. http://radicalreading.com

Maria Georgoula obtained a BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College, University of London and a MFA in Fine Art from the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London. Since 2012, she is teaching Artist-in-Residence at Repton School in Derbyshire, UK. Her work is comprised of mixed media sculptures, sculptural assemblages and environments. Part of her extended practice is also the Nauru Project, an online collaborative project on the story of the smallest island-nation in the world. Prior to a solo exhibition of her sculptural works in New Court Gallery, Derbyshire in 2013, she had a solo exhibition at Frown Tails, Athens in 2011 as part of ReMap 3; a multi-media installation and two-person performance on ‘The Nauru Project’. In 2012, Georgoula curated ‘The Islets of Langerhans’ a group exhibition on food and table display in the Organization of Greek Archaeologists in Athens. Other selected exhibitions and events include the Delfina Foundation, London; the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre; the Art Foundation, Athens; the Institute of Greek Contemporary Art, Athens; Athens; Sanhe Museum, China; Guest Projects, London; The Service Point Building, Manchester; Sala Rekalde, Bilbao and Tactile Bosch, Cardiff.


Maria Georgoula, Pom pom expedition Flabouro, 2015 Two flag­poles, seat cover, rubber, plaster, pop corn remainders, tape, chewing bones, avocado

Maria Georgoula, Pom pom expedition Pom pom, 2015 Seat cover beads

Maria Georgoula, Pom pom expedition Pad, 2015 Glass wool, slippers, mdf, plaster

Maria Georgoula, Pom pom expedition Pad, 2015 Glass wool, slippers, mdf, plaster

Maria Georgoula, Pom pom expedition, 2015 exhibition view

Maria Georgoula, Pom pom expedition Mr. and Mrs. Smith, 2014 Mdf, plaster, gloss paint, card

Maria Georgoula, Pom pom expedition Vatia, 2015 Three canopies (gazebos)

Maria Georgoula, Pom pom expedition, 2015 exhibition view