25.09.15 - 27.09.15

On the Construction of Situations: a research approach


The workshop is open to students and the academic community of the Athens School of Fine Arts.
Due to a limited number of participants please send your contact details and a short cv via email at
Number of participants: 10-12

Deadline for applications 20 September 2015.
The workshop will be held in Greek.
Prerequisite: Attendance of the lecture on 24.09.15

This three day workshop is mainly addressed to postgraduate students and phd candidates that are interested in investigating the situationist concept of constructed situations at both a practical and theoretical level, as well as in relation to their own research fields.

The aim of this workshop is to create conditions of experimentation and theoretical concern around issues such as the relationship between theory and practice, as well as the meaning, the political effectiveness and the limits of artistic action.

The students are invited to create these so-called conditions through a process invented by themselves and based on their own methods of artistic research.

During the first day of the workshop, once the members of the group will have presented their personal artistic research and work, the discussion will focus on the theoretical roots of the concept of the construction of situations, as defined by the Situationist International, and in relation to what will be presented during the lecture (on 24.9.15), with the aim to show the possible directions of experimenting and researching of the team at both the individual and the collective level.

During the second day of the workshop, each member of the group will present:
1. a method and a plan of experimental action, that he/she will realise (even partly) the same day,
2. the theoretical questions that he/she intends to research through this action,
3. the methods of it’s documentation.

The third day will be devoted to
1. the discussion of the methods and the actions of the participants,
2. the ways in which they interacted within the public sphere and the theoretical context,
3. the way these actions may contribute to the research on the political and artistic potential of the concept of constructed situations today.

Vanessa Theodoropoulou teaches History and Theory of Art in the School of fine arts of Angers, France (ESBA TALM- site d’Angers) and is a member of the research lab HiCSA – Paris 1 Sorbonne where she defended her Phd dissertation entitled ‘’Situationist International, a total art project’’ (2008). She has co-edited the books Au nom de l’art, enquête sur le statut ambigu des appellations artistiques de 1945 à nos jours, Publications de la Sorbonne 2014 and Le chercheur et ses doubles, B42, 2015 (forthcoming).

The workshop is organised in the context of the ERASMUS teaching exchange programme between ASFA (Athens School of Fine Arts) and TALM (School of fine arts of Tours – Angers – Le Mans) in France.