currentroom Exhibition

23.02.16 - 06.03.16

My Own Private Psycho


My Own Private Psycho is a found-footage mélange of four scenes from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” and Gus Van Sant’s 1998 remake. The two movies are edited together; each is seen every second frame. The result is an almost epileptic video which gives the illusion of superimposition.
The bombardment of images references various artist from the 90’s, linked with appropriation art, as well as Youtube comparison, homage videos and movie lists, as a way to process visual information. In Douglas Gordon’s 24-Hour Psycho, the film’s time is slowed-down, whereas in Jimmy Campbell’s pictures, it is compressed. Such artists have dealt with Hitchcock’s work as something deeply rooted in the collective subconscious.
In My Own Private Psycho, we have two simultaneous times. The focus is shifted to Van Sant’s “copy”, and thus the artist’s appropriation of the appropriation. The copy of a copy produces a spasmodic smudge. The point is not so much to compare and contrast the two time periods, but rather to create a new, phantasmic, pseudo-3D-looking image.
Referencing, Martin Arnold’s editing of films and Mulvey’s theory of the possessive spectator, the movies are treated as material. Copying and re-editing them -thus owning/grasping film in a more material sense- serves a better understanding of the pictures.
The video is accompanied by an installation of a tube. It hints the notion of a linear time-line and functions as a kind of frame, underlining the showcase-display nature of the Current Room.

Myrto Vratsanou was born in Athens in 1994. She’s currently in the 4th year of her studies in the A.S.F.A., in the 1st Sculpture Atelier. She attended a one year study program in Atelier de Sevres in Paris and completed her Erasmus scholarship in Vienna. Her work mostly consists of videos, installations and performances. She has participated in festivals and exhibitions in Greece and abroad. She is a member of the Circuits and Currents team.

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