KunstAllmend / ArtsCommons



The KunstAllmend is a collective project experimenting with alternative artistic economies to redefine conditions for artistic production. Reflective of the commons active in the Swiss Alps for centuries, the KunstAllmend transposes this traditional model upon contemporary discussions concerning the management of common resources, authorship and copyright – strategies of ‘sharing’ in opposite to market ‘exchange’. The KA is a proposing an scenographic infrastructure for art production under the conditions of a radical commons economies. These conditions provide a context to discuss the commons rather as a promising problematic than a solution.

Nicolas Galeazzi uses performance as an instrument for research. The cross over through media, methodologies, materials and theories – working as actor, teacher, theater director, concept artist, and performance artist – provoked the need to search for a rethinking the economies of artistic practices and to develop new models for collaboration and dissemination of senses. Galeazzi works with Mise-en-Discourse – performative research frameworks where public can experiment with political and social conditions. Today he is focusing on the reorganisation of the self towards the society, on side-effects as an artistic practice, and Bricolage as a spiritual ideology. He is mentor and program coordinator of the post-master artistic research environment [a.pass] advanced performance and scenography studies in Brussels.