currentroom Exhibition

26.01.16 - 07.02.16



Video installation. 14’ 53’’

The piece “GYMNIA” by Evi Kalogiropoulou and Helena Papastergiou, consists of hanged costumes, representing various human bodies and skin tones. Also, the costumes are used as the athletic uniforms of the two handball teams appearing in the video.

The objectification of the human body, either male or female, is the main feature of professional athletic practices, as presented by the mass media. Athletes are considered as record generators, as well as beautiful bodies. Many times, sports clothing aims at forming a commonly appealing image, concerning especially female athletics, where the selected sports dress code flirts with sexism.

In “GYMNIA”, the athletes are dressed in bodysuits that hide their whole body, while showing what the spectator is looking for: a contesting athletic body.

Εlena Papastergiou was born on May 8th 1990, in Athens and grew up in Cyprus. As a student and now a graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts (2010- 2015) she has participated in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Her artistic activities and searches get visualised through installations of contemporary art, with themes such as the feminine nature and the optical traps that she can fabricate and create both on a literal and metaphorical level.

Evi Kalogiropoulou lives and works in Athens. She has studied in Athens School of Fine Arts.