19.05.16 - 01.06.16



In “TρOPICAL”, the word itself gets detached from its strict conceptual boundaries and redefined. The piece gets recomposed, a variation of its original form (2011-2015) and so the concept becomes tropical, the artist curating her own work. The tropical element can be detected not only on the paintings representing “traditional” tropical themes, geographic wise or color wise. The objects used, have been altered, loosing their initial identity, therefore forming new relationships between them but also with themselves. Furthermore, the location of the space itself, in combination with its artistic orientation creates feelings of “tropicality”, since the show case of the Current Room functions as a surprise to the people passing by.

Eleni Phyla was born in Cyprus. She studied Fine Arts at Thessaloniki School of Fine and Applied Arts, École National Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris and Athens School of Fine Arts. She has participated in various art projects and exhibitions both abroad and around Greece.

Current Room Curatorial Team

Kassiani Goulakou

Lefteris Krysalis

Ioli Kavakou

Supported by the DAAD Programme: Partnerships with Greek Institutions of Higher Education 2014 – 2016 / A Cooperation between the Academy of Fine Art Munich (ADBK) and the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA)