Curatorial Practice



Curating is a vague, overcharged , overused, notion within the contemporary world which is  ruled by myriad choices. Yet i is still  a necessary codification to describe an activity.

Curating visual culture -art exhibitions , events or institutions- is at stake in this series of talks and this very fact prompts many questions in our minds . Redundant question ,  yet with ever changing meaning  in the course of time .

  •  How can one describe the actual “space,” and “time”   which an “exhibition” -of any short – occupies ?
  •  What is the notion of “public space” in the context of an exhibition ? Can this be a place between places ? At a  time between times ?
  •  Is art in all an illusion ? Or better can it be a radical illusion of the “worlds” in which we live in ?
  •  What is the role of contemporary art in shaping a

democratic public sphere?

Through the brief presentation of a body of exhibitions , that took place in the last decade, and resonated  in the illusion of an institution called Kunsthalle Athena and a magazine called South as a State of Mind , Marina Fokidis will be addressing the afore mentioned questions and hopefully she will be generating even  more, , that could not be imagined or occur  before the event of this upcoming  gathering.

To be continued…

Marina Fokidis is a curator and writer based in Athens Greece. She has been recently appointed as the Head of the Artistic Office in Athens, for Dcoumenta 14 ,   She is the founding and artistic director of  Kunsthalle Athena, the first art institution of this short in Athens which started as an experimental platform and is now taking  its permanent form. Between  2010 and 2014 Kunsthalle Athena has presented several exhibitions, workshops performances and talks. Since January  2012, she  is also the founding director of South As a State of Mind, a bi-annual art and culture publication. From 2000 to 2008 she served as the co-director of Oxymoron a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of contemporary visual art in Greece and on an international level.In 2011, she was one of the curators of the 3rd Thessaloniki Biennial. She has been the commissioner and the curator of the Greek Pavilion at the 51rst Venice Biennial, (2003) and since 2013 she  is an adjunct curator in Schwarz foundation, – Art Space Pythgorion where she has curated solo shows by Slavs and Tatars (2013)  and Nevin Aladag (2014).