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09.02.16 - 21.02.16

Cievil Momo: The prelude


spatial installation, video loop (duration 00:00:37), mixed media, dimensions variable, 2016

“Cievil Momo: The prelude” is a spatial installation which mainly consists of a video, depicting Cievil Momo- an Internet persona. The video refers mainly to a ritualistic element of connecting to the Internet that derives from a daily need to loathe reality. There is a strong reference to the social media and Second Life, the creation of avatars and how they succumb to the anthropological changes of the internet era.

The artist started adjusting a manifesto that could help him project the worries and the ways of confronting them in the contemporary post-internet human culture, though this avatar. By commenting on the timeless, pseudo and endless feeling of omnipotence that someone can adopt behind the privacy and security of his screen, the artist found experimental ways of social interaction that helped him form a substantial creative way of writing and live co-writing poems with online users.

Another reference is the “Watermelon Stereotype” and its implication of how a fruit became for some people a symbol of freedom and for another group an association with racism. This information was overused during/after the Civil War, and now became a memory with no actual effect of how we perceive watermelons nowadays. Therefore in “Cievil Momo: The prelude” the stereotype is used as an information that may have been forgotten but reestablishes a new designation though the backdrop of Internet culture in the eyes of the artist.

The use of kitsch objects in the installation, enforces the spurious, iridescent and illusionistic version of social relationships that form through digital social networks. These objects touch an important juxtaposition between reality and illusion. They are portals who appear like memories, of a fake replica nature, that exist in the real world but being filtered first through digital designation.


Marios Pavlou was born in Cyprus, 1989. He studied in the Athens School of Fine Arts where he graduated in 2015. He has participated in the workshops: “Anthropocene”, “Vice Versa” and “Survival Kit”, collabotations of the A.S.F.A  with the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, the Braunschweig University of Art and Academy of Fine Arts, in Munich respectively. He has participated in group exhibitions at the Rational Theater, Lothringer Laden and Kullukcu Galerie in Munich, in the group exhibition “Reality through Fiction” at Circuits and Currents in Athens and also in the creation of the group film “How to Project and Spell” which was also screened amongst others in Chisenhale Gallery in London. Moreover he has participated in the exhibitions of contemporary art: “DIALOGUE #10”, Art, New Technologies and Social Media Networks, group exhibition, K.E.E.T, “Rooms 2016”, St.George Lycabettus, “7th Student Biennale”, B.& M. Theocharakis Foundation and “Map Of The New Art”, (Imago Mundi Collection) ,Fondazione Giorgio Cini,Venice. He was a member of the prop making team for the show “Still Life” by Dimitris Papaioannou , in 2014

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