05.05.16 - 18.05.16

Cabinet de curiosité


The studio’s private character gets confused with public space, thus making artistic creation an object to be observed. The spectator and the creator take part in a bidirectional game of voyeurism, which gets intensified by the preexisting romantic standards of the atelier and the artistic subject. Also, the portraits on the wall, the different sketches, materials and notes remind us of the subjects of exercise and academic education. The demonstration of exercises, underlines the distinction between the qualities of an art student and an artist, provoking questions about the first’s place in the contemporary art scene.

Chrisanthy Petra was born in Piraeus in 1982. She studied Maths in the national Kapodistrian University of Athens. She has been a math teacher for 8 years and since 2008 holds a position in the banking sector in Athens.

In 2013 she started painting lessons in Merso Art School in Iraklio Attika in order to attend the National Art’s school introductory exams. In 2015 she succeeded in Athens School of Fine Arts entrance exams, ranked 1st. Since then she is a scholar painting student of Panos Charalampou’s studio and she also studies printing techniques at Dina’s Kotsiou studio.

Current Room Curatorial Team

Kassiani Goulakou

Lefteris Krysalis

Ioli Kavakou