07.05.16 - 14.05.16

Blitz Theatre Group Workshop



In the framework of the project What is the other was held a six-day workshop with Blitz theatre group.

The outcome of a collaboration among eight artists having worked together in Athens for ten days, the project was articulated in-situ through the shared workings realised by Blitz theatre group’s Giorgos Valais, the curator, Evangelia Ledaki, the participating artists, Ada Avetist, Elif Erkan, Lito Kattou, Fatma Nur Özoğul, Petros Moris, Eftychios Savvidis, Marianne Spurr, Sila Tufekcioglu, Oya Akin, and the students of the Athens School of Fine Arts, Vasileia Dereli, Phedonas Gialis, Nektarios Pappas, Anna Stroulia.

The narrative and performative workings realised in this period were ultimately assimilated in an exhibition that lasted for a few days. This eluding period of time is a significant part of the function of this project, which consists in the spatiotemporal performative condition which aggregates matter, human intentions, gestures, traces and remainders. This accumulation has been made possible through a process structured by devised theatre terms and techniques.

Difference, othering and the construction of meaning through the consecutive succession of distinction, operated as the theoretical reference and defined a liminal topological field; an enfolded space organised subtly by the object of dramaturgy. Dramaturgy has been here the constitutional act, stitching the narrative and orchestrating the spatiotemporal protocol of the space and its contained meanings, eventually setting the parameters for the emergence of the scene of the exhibition.

During the workshop, the basic principles of writing on stage were explored through the practices of devised theatre. Approaching speech as body, as musical score and not as psychological outcome, orality, presence on stage, exercise in rhythm –collective or individual–, negotiation with the audience, narrative, are elements that were searched through the workshop. As well as tutoring on the notion of dramaturgy as basic element that structures a story and highlights all the parameters for composing a theatrical narrative.

Blitz Theatre Group was formed in October 2004, in Athens, by Angeliki Papoulia, Christos Passalis and Giorgos Valais. The group’s basic principles are the following: Theatre is a field where people meet each other and exchange ideas in the most essential way, not a field for virtuosity and ready-made truths. There is a need for answers to what society asks from art today and what theatrical structures stand for in the dawn of the 21th century. All members are equal throughout conception, writing, direction and dramaturgy process, everything is under doubt, there is nothing to be taken for granted, neither in theatre nor in life.