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Athens Report




Athens Report is an online project initiated by Anna Lascari. Using as a point of departure the route of the trolley bus number 11, the platform maps urban space where riots took place from 2008 and on. The trolley bus travels across the city centre for the past decades tracking protests that have marked the sociopolitical conjuncture of Greece, described by the dominant discourse as “crisis”.

A virtual tour on the route provides visitors access to a continuously updated archive of digital documents along with a collection of interviews and street art. The archive, indicatively classified within the urban map aims to leave space for its countless interpretations to emerge. The horizontal categorization of the digital documents by their distinct affinities with the psychogeography of the city pursues free schemes of engagement by the users, who themselves develop the archive by uploading their own material. It is the ruptures, the intended and unintended exclusions and inclusions that the digital archive strives to embody; it is the impulse it endeavors to reflect. In this framework, Athens Report can be conceived as a common ground, built through the visitors’ experience of urban space and protest. Apart from offering accessibility and enhancing participation, technology here works as a medium to extend public space in the virtual world via establishing digital communities. On this common web terrain visitors are invited to take part, explore the parameters of producing knowledge, form, study and question relations of power that constitute identities. Stretching the limits between the physical and the virtual, how do bodies interact and coexist? How can communities develop from the digital space to the urban environment or vice versa?

The platform aims to build a common ground that extends from the digital to the real space. Towards this target, Saturday, November the 12th, 17:00 an open discussion will take place at the Circuits and Currents project space. After a presentation of the platform by Anna Lascari, panelists, Christina Grammatikopoulou, Yannis Skarpelos and Stavros Stavridis will inaugurate dialogue with the project in their fields of research.

Anna Lascari lives and works in Athens, Greece. She holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the Pratt Institute and has studied Video Art, Web Design and Flash Animation at the New School, New York. Her practice combines sculpture, drawing, video, photography, 3d animation, internet projects, and other forms of social actions. She has exhibited in international venues including Bienal del Sur: Pueblos en Resistencia, Caracas, Venezuela, Capture All, Transmediale festival, Berlin, Germany, 4th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, The Garden of Eden, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France and more.

Christina Grammatikopoulou lives and works in Barcelona. She holds a PhD in Art Theory and Art History in the University of Barcelona. She has worked for the University of Aarhus and the Open University of Cyprus. She is the co-founder and managing editor of the art magazine Interartive and an academic counselor at the Transart Institute, Berlin.

Yannis Skarpelos is a sociologist and teaches at the department of Communication Media and Culture of the Panteion University and the Hellenic Open University at the“Cultural Units Management” graduate program. His research focuses on visual sociology and culture and big data analysis.

Stavros Stavridisarchitect, is associate professor at the School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, Greece, where he teaches graduate courses on housing design (social housing design included), as well as a postgraduate course on the meaning of metropolitan experience. He has published books, as well as numerous articles (in Greek, English and Spanish) on spatial theory. His research is currently focused on forms of emancipating spatial practices and urban communing.