19.06.15 - 21.06.15

Artistic production and economy: Inventions

Organization: Twixtlab and Circuits and Currents.

Organizational team / coordination: N.Arvanitis (artist) A.Dallas (architect),K. Theodorou (architect), P.Petsini (photographer / theorist of photography) E.Rikou (anthropologist / artist), P.Sklavenitis (artist) I.Chaviara (artist).

Invited speakers: A.Angelidou (anthropologist) N.Souliotis (sociologist), K.Stafylakis (artist / art theorist) E.Chamalidi (art historian), and others.

The economy as an institution tends to be presented as a priority at various levels of the dominant reasons, while today the debate is taking place internationally on the basis of the profound crisis of a dominant economic model. Furthermore, the potentially decisive relationship of the economy as a biopolitical treaty and art as an expanded field of practices – not just the relationship of the artwork to the market- remains blurry, latent or silenced. In the weak and supple landscape of Greece today the state roles, the emerging market and the institutional entities, are being reordered. Therefore, the impact of economic relations in the artistic production becomes evident and the practical management of this condition urgent by the very subjects involved. In the workshop we aim to put a test on the commonly understood artistic practices in conjunction with theoretical perspectives regarding the object of discussion and which are based on the experience and the demands of the participants in oreder to explore themselves in what they produce as a result of their work and format, recruit, exchange, distribute, evaluate in the field of economy. How are formed “from below” the strategies of the subjects, alternative institutionalizations,regular oppositions, conflicts, digressions, overruns, different attitudes to the dominant examples?


Tags: (art)Work, work, pay, capital gains, gift, ideologies, cultural policy, institutions, legal framework, unionism, activism, collectives, peer practices, counterfactual.


The workshop is addressed to students and professional artists and scientists from various fields.

APPLICATION FORMS: with CV (max 150 words) until Friday 5/6 at the email address

Limited number of participants.


The opening discussion and the presentation of the results is open to the public (see. Diary of the workshop).


Recommended attendance to the workshop and lecture series [SUMMER SCHOOL ON ECONOMICS AND THE ARTS] to be held at Circuits and Currents from 4-7 of June.


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Preparatory meeting (date to be announced):
The organizing group meets the guest speakers and participants and form together the major themes of the workshop.
Friday, 19/ 6/2015
15: 00- 18:00 Discussion (open to public).
The invited speakers, organizers and participants deal with questions gated during the preparatory meeting. The debate provides the ground to develop the practicals of the workshop.
18: 00-18: 30 (break)
18:30 -21: 30 Establishing the working groups.
Participants form groups around themes which emerged in the discussion. The teams form their agenda.
Saturday, 20 / 6/2015
10:00 – 22: 00 Each group invents ways of managing, models, examples, scripts, stories, conditions, roles and economy conditions of the project …
Sunday 21/ 6 / 2015
10:00-14:00 The teams process the results of their work to obtain a form suitable for a presentation. Includes writing a description text and a design of the project (and / or other accompanying material).
14: 00- 15:00 (break)
15: 00-18: 00 Presentation of projects (open to public) The projects presented by the participants. They can be formed and expanded in various forms of publication. 18:00 to 18:30 (break)
18:30 -20: 30 Discussion / assessment of the workshop (open to the public)
The organizers, guest speakers and participants discuss the results of the workshop and suggest ways in which the projects and suggestions that were made can become a trigger for further actions.