Antiquity and Music



Part of the public debates and lectures cycle “Society and past: Perception of antiquity in modern Greece” organized by the Cycladic Art Museum and the Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens in cooperation with Circuits and Currents.

The talk is open to the public, free of charge. The talk will be held in Greek.

How did antiquity influence the great composers of classical music and how did they converse with it? Which aspects of Greek antiquity and mythology inspired them and how were they used to convey modern ideas in their work? How is this related to the notion of modernity and how did it contribute to the creation of representational stereotypes about modern Greece? What about Greek music itself? When did antiquity become a viable theme and how was it combined with pre-existing musical traditions? What part did this play in the construction of identity and how influential was it for Greek society at large? Were there fertile and original meetings of creators with ancient Greek thought? Did the same happen for folk music? How was it influenced by this dialogue with the ancient past, if at all? What happens in contemporary music?
These are some of the questions addressed in this talk by Anargyros Deniozos, composer and musicologist, who will attempt to show the influence of music on the way we perceive, understand and symbolize the past.

Anargyros Deniosos is a composer of vocal, instrumental, and electronic music, musicologist, researcher, educator and media artist.
One of the first to introduce in Greece the systematic use of computer and algorithmic techniques, his music incorporates the experimental tradition, systems from various disciplines, and ethnomusicological  findings.
Ηe was a partner of Xenakis’ Center for Contemporary Music Research, founding member of Institute for Research on Music and Acoustics, and researcher at the Ionian University of Corfu.
He worked at the Music Library of Greece, of the Athens Music Hall during its formatting years. In his collaboration with the Center of Intercultural Studies of Athens University, he has introduced experimental artistic practices in the primary and secondary education.
He has co-organized a number of conferences and he has curated concerts and contemporary music festivals.
Regular partner of the Onassis Cultural Center, he has composed, organized and presented  day-long spectacles/retrospectives of major figures of contemporary music (Cage, Kagel, Stockhausen).
Recently was a Visiting Artist at CalArts in Los Angeles, USA.