05.07.17 - 09.07.17

ƨɘlɒɔƨ ƨɘɔnɘiɿɘqxǝ ɘviƚɒiɔoƨƨiᗡ

Lena Loy, Lukas Rehm, Tilmann Rödiger

OPEN July 05.-09. 11-13h + 15-21h
INITIATION July 05. 20-24h: with a musical contribution by Max Lange (Maxim Wolzyn)


Some people have the experience of sometimes remembering a past event so vividly that they feel as if they were reliving that event.

OPEN July 05.-09. 11-13h + 15-21h
INITIATION July 05. 20-24h: with a musical contribution by Max Lange (Maxim Wolzyn)



EUTERPE reanimating_DROMOS → an initial procession
Lena Loy

This document is based on an associative memory flow experienced by the artist, which led her to the thematic convolution of a former German piano factory (EUTERPE) and an abandoned club (DROMOS) in Piraeus. The audio-visual composition is revisting a performance that took place in Athens exactly one year ago. It traces the echoes of a vanished instrument manufactury in a wood glade. Euterpe, the muse of music, conflating strings of pasts.

The work has been realized in collaboration with Ioli Kavakos, Kassiani Goulakou, Leftreris Krysalis, Kostas Taschounidis

Lukas Rehm + Tilmann Rödiger

Fueled by new infrastructures of exchange, organization and control, the global interconnected society forms ever new geographical places of economical and cultural differentiation. In 2016 Athens has long met the limelight and was proven indicator for the challenges of the western and Eurasian world: the European state structure and its role both inward and outward, the monetary union, migration, populism.

DEFAULT is a portrait based on shared networks of conviviality and solidarity in a city of “permanent emergency”: a heart surgeon and his hospital for the destitute and the most important pharmacy for refugee shelters (Metropolitan Community Clinic of Elliniko), the son of a Taliban family, who at young age escaped from the training in the mountains of Helmand, reconstructing his path from a street child into Athen’s society a Greek-German oceanographer (Hellenic Centre for Marine Research) picturing the sea as infrastructure and underlining the role of bilateral perspectives, to name just some of the encounters.

The work has been realized with generous support by Evi Kalogiropoulou, Dimitra Dimopoulou, Kalliopi Gogou, Max Lange, Heike Schuppelius and Jonathan Bepler, Tula Plumi, Stella-Sophie Seroglou, Byron Kalomamas and Barbara Acevedo Strange.

The exhibition project is supported by the Incorporated Society for the Development of Art and Media and the PROMOS programme of DAAD.

Special Thanks to Heike Schuppelius and HfG Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design and Zafos Xagoraris and Marina Miliou-Theocharaki at the Athens University of Arts.